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How to Make Plumbing Pipes Last Longer

You Can Help Your Plumbing Pipes Last Longer, and Here is How.

Did you know your plumbing pipes are almost always working? On an average day, you wash your hands, take a shower, flush the toilet, wash laundry, do the dishes, and more. That is a lot of wear and tear on those pipes, and they are so crucial to our lifestyles today. Homeowners should not take them for granted but should be asking how to make plumbing pipes last longer.

You see, a plumbing system can last for more than 50 years if cared for, but when neglected, systems can stop working unexpectedly.

Is there anything at all you can do to help keep pipes from wearing thin, eroding, leaking, and potentially bursting? The simple answer is yes. Yes, you can take some straightforward steps to improve the life span of the all-important plumbing pipes in your home.

Steps to Make Plumbing Pipes Last longer

The steps to making plumbing pipes may seem obvious, but we often overlook our plumbing systems in the home. We have so much to worry about daily that we don’t have the thought to care for our plumbing system. That is precisely why the professionals at Flow Pros suggest you sign up for a full-service maintenance plan. It will take the burden of your plumbing maintenance off your hands and place it in the capable care of experts.

In the meantime, here are a few suggestions to help keep your pipes flowing smoothly.

  1. From the beginning, make sure the right materials are in use for your plumbing. The pipe’s lifetime varies from 20 to 70 years, but PVC and PEX pipes can last indefinitely.
  2. Avoiding harsh chemicals can also help to maintain the pipes. The more natural the ingredients, the less they will impact the wear on your plumbing. Harsh chemicals like drain cleaner can warp PVC and corrode metals.
  3. Ask your plumber to clean the pipes to reduce the build-up at least once a year. If you notice slow drainage, you may want to go ahead and schedule that cleaning sooner than later.
  4. Check for leaks and drips often. When cleaning the home, be sure to report any leaks, no matter how small, to your plumbing company. Small leaks and drips will become huge problems if left for another day. And if the leak is also behind the walls, you will have mold and mildew growth and the possibility of a pipe burst.
  5. Water pressure should be consistent. A water pressure gauge can help watch pressure in the pipes not to wear lines down too quickly. The gauge is easy to install, and your local plumber can help.
water pressure check

Use the plumbing as directed. Toilet tissue and human waste are the only things that should be flushed. And be extra careful what goes into your garbage disposal, avoiding things like grease and coffee grounds.

And finally…

Schedule Regular Plumbing Inspection

Regular maintenance calls schedule the plumber to regularly check water pressure, drains, and pipes to ensure water flows smoothly and does not place added stress on the system. Your local plumbing company will have various plans for you to choose from that allow for periodic check-ups.

Flow Pros Plumbing would be delighted to care for your home’s plumbing work. With our experience and professional technicians, your entire system will be flowing with no issues. Should a problem arise, your home will be a priority for our team.

So, if your pipes have reached the end of their useful life, call on the service of Flow Pros Plumbing for replacement. And if you don’t have one already, please talk to your plumber about a service agreement to help keep issues at bay.

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