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When Faucet Repair and Replacement are Needed, Pinellas County and the Tampa Bay Area Relies on Flow Pros Plumbing.

Flow Pros Plumbing professionals are available 24-hours and seven days a week to perform faucet repair and replacement. We have the tools and the experience to deal with any and all faucet repairs and replacement, plus the remainder of the plumbing issues that may have caused the problem.

Our experienced technicians are prepared to locate the problem and either repair or replace the faucet, depending on the need. We service all types of faucets.

Contact us at Flow Pros Plumbing to get your faucets up and running again or treat yourself with a whole new one.

Bathroom Faucet & Bathtub Faucet
Repair and Installation

A slowly dripping faucet can drive you crazy. Not only does the sound echo in your mind and keep you awake at night, but the rising water bill makes homeowners cringe. That is why a leaky or broken bathroom sink faucet or bathtub faucet needs to be examined and repaired.

We service all types of bathroom faucets, including the below.

The handles can be of different types as well. They may be cross, lever, double, knob, or “touch-free.” Let us know which you have, and we will get it all fixed for you. However, there are times when it is time to replace the entire faucet. In that case, you can count on Flow Pros to get the new faucet and install it for you.

You decide the style, type, and finish, and Flow Pros will be right out.

Kitchen Faucet & Sink Repairs

Your kitchen faucet is right there in the home for all to see. Not only do you need it working multiple times a day, but you may want it to add to the kitchen design too. We can handle that (pun intended). Leaks and drips can lead to water damage under the sink and costly water bills. Get them repaired or replaced as soon as they begin to act up.

If you need a faucet replacement, there are many choices. Let us know what type, style, and finish you need, and we can suggest one of the following.

Flow Pros is here to get your kitchen back in smooth running condition.

Outdoor Faucet Repair

If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor kitchen, you may have a faucet the needs repair or replacement. Flow Pros takes care of outdoor faucets as well. Your outdoor faucet is subjected to extreme weather changes and the elements, whether it is in the outdoor kitchen or attached to the side of the home. So, it stands to reason it may need a bit of TLC now and then.

Step outdoors with Flow Pros Plumbing, and we’ll take a look at your faucet.

Commercial Faucet Plumbing Services

Whether you are having troubles with the kitchen or restroom faucets, we know they get much use in a commercial setting. What’s more, you need them repaired right away to continue business as usual.

Not only could you have high water bills due to a leak, but the damage created can be costly. If the faucets’ temperature goes awry, you could have a harmful situation for your customers. We know you don’t want that.

Flow Pros Plumbing services commercial plumbing 24/7 and 365 days a year. Call us right away if you suspect any plumbing issue in your place of business.

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Flow Pros Plumbing Service Pinellas County and the Tampa Bay Area

Flow Pros wants to be your number one choice for any plumbing service, including faucet repair and replacement. Serving the Tampa Bay area and Pinellas County is our pleasure, and we aim for complete customer satisfaction. No matter the plumbing issue, you can expect:

Contact Flow Pros Plumbing to schedule your service plan today. And don’t forget to sign up for our full Maintenance Service Plan. We look forward to serving you.

We approach all jobs with equal importance, regardless of their size or complexity.

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