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Greenhouse Gas Reduction

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“Greenhouse gas reduction” is a term many of us have heard over and over by now. But what does it mean? How important is decreasing harmful emissions for our planet? How essential is it to our lives as we know them? How exactly do we reduce greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere?

In this blog, we will answer all these common questions. Flow Pros Plumbing encourages everyone to do their part in restoring the health of our natural world. After all, it is where we live. It’s where our children, grandchildren, and generations to come will live. There’s no better time to educate yourself on the state of our fragile planet and discover all the things you can do to help.

Why We MUST Prioritize Greenhouse Gas Reduction

Over the last century and a half, burning fossil fuels, cutting down forests, and other vital contributors have reduced the carbon dioxide in the air and continuously raised greenhouse gas levels. Our actions have disrupted natural cycles and are causing more issues than we know.

There are enormous benefits to greenhouse gas reduction, including but not limited to:

Slow Climate Change:

One of the greatest benefits of greenhouse gas reduction is slowing down the accelerated climate change we are experiencing today. It is the primary source of destructive wildfires, droughts, altered sea levels, and more extreme weather patterns and events. These dangerous situations are harming the life on our planet, including that of plants, animals, and humans.

Improve Air Quality:

Air is a thing of life we often take for granted. But as pollution increases and greenhouse gasses exceed healthy standards, we are learning it is one of the essential natural elements to consider. The quality of the air we constantly breathe has been increasingly diminishing. Improved air quality will make it safer to be outdoors, protect precious fresh water, and improve the health of our bodily systems.

Boost the Economy:

Even the world’s economy will benefit from greenhouse gas reduction. Green energy sources like natural gas and wind energy have an incredible ROI. If everyone made the switch, we’d see a massive change in the global economy. However, this isn’t likely. Or at least not anytime soon, making it crucial for those who are willing to make a change to do so.

Save Money at Home:

Integrating green technology and appliances into your home will reduce your household’s carbon footprint. In other words, you will be contributing significantly less to the downfall of our atmosphere and the rise of greenhouse gasses by investing in products that use far less energy than what we consider to be the norm in modern society.

Decreasing your home’s energy use will save you big bucks on your utility bills. After some time of using earth-conscious devices and adopting sustainable habits, you’ll see the difference.

How You Can Reduce Greenhouse Gas Reduction at Home

Your part in greenhouse gas reduction starts at home. Here are seven ways you can contribute to restoring our planet’s health starting today.

1 | Use Your HVAC the Smart Way

Lower your monthly energy bills and decrease the amount of carbon dioxide emissions with one very simple rule. Set your indoor temperature 3 degrees above your preferred setting in the summer heat. And in the chilling winter, adjust your thermostat to 3 degrees less than the ideal temperature.

This easy trick is a way to allow your HVAC system to work more efficiently according to the season and the average temperatures outdoors. When the thermostat setting is significantly different from the temperatures outside, your AC must work extra hard to keep up. Not only does this add to your electricity bills, but it sends out more pollution into the atmosphere.

2 | Invest in Energy Star Appliances

The next time you want to replace your home’s appliances, consider investing in Energy Star products. These devices meet high standards of reduced energy consumption and low environmental impact. You can find the Energy Star label on several energy-guzzling appliances, like refrigerators, water heaters, air conditioning units, and laundry dryers.

Some products that have earned the Energy Star label may be pricey upfront. However, in just a few years, you’ll realize the payback these cutting-edge devices offer to the environment and your monthly utility bills.

The Nation Park Services says, “If each household in the United States replaced its existing appliances with the most efficient models available, we would save $15 billion in energy costs and eliminate 175 million tons of heat-trapping gasses. The United States would need 30 fewer power plants if all Americans used the most efficient refrigerators.”

Indeed, this is not something that will happen overnight. But the best thing you can do is begin to switch your own household appliances and set an example for those around you.

3 | Save Electricity

Suppose you are not in a financial position to invest in costly appliances. In that case, there are still many changes you can make in your lifestyle to contribute to greenhouse gas reduction. One of the most beneficial actions you and your family can take is to decrease your electricity use at home.

Here are a few tips to decrease your electricity consumption and save our planet:

4 | Sustainably Caring for Your Lawn

The lush green lawns we are accustomed to use insane amounts of water and fertilizer to maintain. You may be assuming that because it’s grass, how much harm can it really be doing? Well, with most homes surrounded by perfectly manicured lawns, the water and fertilizer to sustain them are well over what’s healthy for the Earth.

Consider using “smart” sprinklers that monitor the exact need for water your grass requires. They use significantly less water while keeping your yard looking just as vibrant. Even better, turn your household waste, like food scraps, into nutrient-rich compost and skip the store-bought fertilizers.

5 | Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

To further aid in greenhouse gas reduction, reduce, reuse, and recycle. We’ve heard of this magical triad since childhood, but have you ever truly prioritized it?

Add a recycling bin to your routine and keep precious materials out of our landfills. Reduce the number of disposal products you typically purchase by looking for grocery products with less packaging to be tossed and investing in reusable items.

6 | Stop Wasting Water

Water treatment and heating uses up tons of energy. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by stopping the waste of water in your own home. This can be done by taking shorter showers, not letting the sink water run for longer than it needs, and making the necessary plumbing repairs to eliminate leaks. It may shock you that a simple toilet leak can waste around 200 gallons of water daily.

Furthermore, you can help with greenhouse gas reduction by running the dishwasher and laundry washer only when you have a full load.

7 | Make Wise Food Choices

Be smart when shopping for food. Buying local and organic products from your neighborhood grocery store or farmer’s market saves the planet from extreme amounts of energy to produce and transport the foods we are used to.

One of the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions is from commercial meat plants and food factories. So, consider integrating a plant-based diet into your routine if you’re willing. You certainly don’t need to go entirely vegan if you’d prefer not to. However, working several plant-based meals into your monthly menu at home will make a massive difference.

Flow Pros Plumbing is Here to Help!

At Flow Pros Plumbing, we know the value of saving water in every little way possible to help our planet and public health. Plus, you save cash on your utility bills along the way. So, what are you waiting for?

Give us a call to answer any remaining questions about reducing greenhouse gasses and saving water at your home or business. We are eager and happy to help!

And as always, we are here for your plumbing repair and installation needs! Contact Flow Pros to finally fix that leaky sink and stop wasting precious water and money. Or, ensure everything is in working order by scheduling regular plumbing maintenance with our trained and knowledgeable team.


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