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How to Deep Clean Your Bathroom

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As you know, a simple wipe down every now and again will not keep the bathroom clean. There are so many working parts, soap and body oils, and more that can accumulate in the bathroom. This build-up requires the knowledge of how to deep clean your bathroom. Now in the case of one influencer…

“Kim Kardashian once said she can’t shower in a soiled bathroom. Every time she needs a soak and rinse, she starts by scrubbing down the walls and floors.” –Sunrise Specialty.

We are not suggesting you go to those lengths. But if you keep up with the deep clean of the bathroom, you will not get those issues with your plumbing that could have been avoided. At Flow Pros Plumbing, we are a full-service plumbing company aiming to educate and help our clients avoid unnecessary service calls and plumbing repairs.

A Step-By-Step on How to Deep Clean Your Bathroom

Believe it or not, most people do not know how to really deep clean. In fact, Good Housekeeping says it like this…

“Carolyn Forte, the director of the Good Housekeeping Institute Cleaning Lab, says that many people neglect reading the instructions on their cleaning products — and don’t realize that they need to leave toilet surfaces wet with cleaner for a certain amount of time to kill germs entirely. “Yes, a product can claim that it kills 99% of germs and bacteria. But it needs to stay wet to be effective, and if you’re using it for a matter of seconds, it’s not going to be effective,” Forte explains.

Honestly, every room needs a deep clean every now and again. But that goes double for the bathroom. So, here are the steps we suggest.

First, Clear Out the Clutter

Most importantly, you have to declutter the room. A room cannot be effectively sanitized unless the rooms are free of excess dust-catching clutter.

Now Gather Your Cleaning Supplies

Here is a list of some of the products we use and more you may want to consider.

Next, Dust the High Surfaces

We start with the top of the room and work our way down so that dust falls, and you can get it on the way down. Dust light fixtures, tops of cabinets, mirror tops, and all jars, countertops, and shelves.

Vacuum Surfaces

Now, run a vacuum over the counters and the floors to get the remaining dust and hair. Please be sure to use the hose attachment and get behind the toilet, in corners, and on the baseboard ledges. And don’t forget the windowsills need dusting too.

Clear Drains

Now, if you have long hair, you may need to clear the drains. Pull the center up and get any visible hair out of the way. Then, you can pour vinegar followed by boiling water down the drains to help clear further drain clogs between plumber visits.

Wipe Everything Down Top to Bottom

Begin with the mirrors and glass and end with countertops and sinks. Don’t forget the door handles, cabinet doors, faucets, pumps, doorknobs, sinks, and doors. Us the appropriate cleaners on each, and be sure to get them squeaky clean and sanitized.

Scrub the Shower

Get rid of all the build-up by starting with a wet surface. Now you can spray the entire shower top to bottom with cleaner. At this point, take out the trash or change the laundry loads. You will want the cleaner to sit for a few minutes to break down the germs and grime. Additionally, allow mildew cleaners to sit on spots for 10 minutes, then you can scrub those areas. Now you can wipe down all the build-up, and all surfaces are ready to be rinsed.

Then you will be ready to take down the shower curtain and liner to throw into the washing machine or squeegee the glass doors and walls.

Clean the Toilet

You knew we would get to the dreaded part, the toilet. Start by putting the cleaner in the bowl and make sure you get under the rim. Leave it to sit for a minute and then scrub with your toilet brush. Don’t flush right away, though. Let the solution sit for a total of 15 minutes to kill all germs.

Now you can close the lid and clean the exterior, starting from the top and working your way down. Use that old toothbrush to clean any tight areas or rusty spots. Then, you are ready to flush away toilet germs.

Deep Clean Floors and Baseboards

Mopping is an essential part of the bathroom cleaning routine. Sweeping is not enough for deep cleaning. Begin with a good wipe down of the baseboards. Then you can use a floor cleaner or use a solution of one tablespoon of bleach to a quart of water. Saturate the floors and wait for a few minutes. Then mop up.

Wash Rugs and Place Clean Towels on Racks

You may have already started the loads, but once they are finished, place the clean linens in the spotless bathroom for that germ-free feel.

Finishing Up In Style

Now you are ready to throw away the disposable gloves, make a stack of cleaning rags to throw into the washer, and get a tall glass of lemonade. After all, you deserve it! Perhaps you’ll want a soak in the tub now that it is all clean. We don’t blame you one bit. Just keep that cleaner out to lightly use once more when you are finished.

A Plumber’s Dream

A clean bathroom and maintained drains and faucets are a plumber’s dream. That way, you avoid unnecessary repairs and de-gunking. (Technical term) But the absolute goal is a home that is on a regularly scheduled plumbing service agreement for maintaining all plumbing in the house. You see, a plumbing system can last for more than 50 years if cared for, but when neglected, systems can stop working unexpectedly.

Regular maintenance calls schedule the plumber to check water pressure, drains, and pipes to ensure water flows smoothly and does not place added stress on the system. Your local plumbing company will have various plans for you to choose from that allow for periodic check-ups.

Flow Pros Plumbing would be delighted to care for your home’s plumbing work in the Pinellas and Hillsborough County areas. With our experience and professional technicians, your entire system will be flowing with no issues. What’s more, should a problem arise, your home will be a priority for our team.

So, if your pipes have needed maintenance for a while, get started today. You can trust the friendly plumbers of Flow Pros Plumbing for repair and replacement. And if you don’t have one already, please talk to your plumber about a service agreement to help keep issues at bay.

And hey, enjoy that clean bathroom! The kitchen is next.

Contact Flow Pros Plumbing for all your plumbing needs today!


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