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Why Do My Pipes Keep Clogging?

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There are few things worse than taking a shower early in the morning, placing the shampoo in your hair, and having the shower lose pressure. You feel like you may never get the shampoo or conditioner out of your hair. And the delay is making you run late. So, what’s a homeowner to do when their pipes keep clogging?

First, you may need to know the signs of clogged pipes and what causes them to learn how to avoid and unclog them at all. In the following article, the professionals at Flow Pros will let you know answers to your clogging pipe questions and more.

Signs of Clogged Pipes

You would think the signs were obvious, but the issue is not always as clear. If you take that shower and the water goes to a trickle, you most likely have clogged pipes. However, the problem could be much deeper in the lines. Here are some of the apparent reasons as to why your pipes keep clogging.

  1. When the water pressure fluctuates, there is definitely a problem somewhere in the pipes. Even if the water flow changes, the lines should undergo inspection. While it may be a simple clog in the faucet, it could turn out to be deeper in the water main.
  2. If water seems to back up or gurgle when you flush the toilet. You may have clogged pipes.
  3. What if your toilet or shower bubbles up or overflows when you run things like the washing machine, that is another clue there is a backup in the line somewhere.
  4. Likewise, if the shower, sinks, and toilet don’t seem to want to drain, there is an issue. Somewhere you have a blockage that needs removal.
  5. Is there a strange rotten smell coming from your water sources or drains? That could be because of a blockage that will need help moving along the pipes.

When there is an issue like any of the above, you will need to contact your local plumbing professionals to come out and assess the situation. If you are located in the Pinellas or Hillsborough County areas, call Flow Pros to come out ASAP.

Substances That Keep Clogging Your Pipes

Clearly, the signs associated with a clog beg the question, “What is clogging my pipes?” In all our years of experience, our plumbers have seen just about everything. So, don’t worry if your 4year-old wanted to see if the turtle could swim to the ocean from the pipes. We have seen it all.

Here are some of the other everyday things that could be clogging your pipes.

If you think any of the above may have happened in your pipes, please call a local plumber to come to clear the clog right away.

Situations That Keep Clogging Your Pipes

Did you know there are situations beyond your control that may keep clogging your pipes? Well, there are. Here are a few of the things we have seen happen to older piped homes and even not so old.

When purchasing an older home, it is a good idea to not only get the plumbing inspected but have the entire system flushed before moving in. It will save you the headache and money in the long run.

DIY for Clogged Pipes

If you are the handy DIY type, a few things will work if the clog is what we call a shallow clog. If they are deep within the system, it is still best to call a plumber. Here is what we mean.

  1. Hair can be removed with tweezers or a coat hanger if it is near the drain.
  2. A plunger may help with your toilet clogs if the clog is relatively shallow. If not, a “snake” or auger will need to be used.
  3. Baking soda and vinegar can push through a light clog of gunk buildup.
  4. Boiling water will melt grease and fats and force them down the line.

Just never use chemical clog clearing products. They contain dangerous chemicals and can even damage your pipes.

Preventing Clogged Pipes

A preventative maintenance plan regularly scheduled with your local plumber is the best way to prevent blockages in your home’s pipes. And in-between time, you can try the following things to keep water running smoothly throughout the house.

And finally, if you begin to notice any change in your water flow, water pressure, or the composition of your freshwater supply, turn it off and call for help. In Pinellas County and the Greater Tampa Bay, Flow Pros will be right out to get hose pipes running as they should in no time.

If you see the signs of clogging pipes, contact your friendly Flow Pros Plumbers today.

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