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5 Small Plumbing Installations for Your Dream Staycation

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Small Plumbing Upgrades for a Big Difference This Summer

Going on an all-inclusive spa retreat for the summer isn’t always an option. With kids at home, pets to watch, and guests visiting, sometimes a staycation is the best plan. Staying at home doesn’t have to rule out relaxation, though. With a few small summer plumbing installations, your home can become an oasis of comfort, hygiene, and convenience. Our plumbers have five homeowner-friendly upgrades to take your staycation to the next level!

1. Upgrade Your Showerhead

One of the quickest and easiest ways to upgrade your bathroom is by installing new fixtures. Showerheads in particular are DIY-friendly and add a touch of luxury. Choose from rainfall showerheads or therapeutic high-pressure jets, to transform a simple staycation into a spa-like retreat. This simple change boosts relaxation and rejuvenation during your time off at home.

Cost of Showerhead Upgrades

The cost of upgrading shower heads varies depending on the features you choose. Basic models can start as low as $25, but for more advanced options with multiple settings or eco-friendly designs, prices can range from $50 to $150. High-end LED temperature indicators or auto-adjusting flows can cost upwards of $200.

Replacing Your Showerhead

Installing a new showerhead is a feasible DIY project for most homeowners. The process typically involves simple steps: removing the old shower head, cleaning the threads on the shower arm, applying plumber’s tape (also known as Teflon tape) to ensure a watertight seal, and screwing on the new shower head. No specialized tools are required beyond a wrench or pliers, and the entire process can usually be completed in under an hour.

2. Install a Water Softener System

A water softener system enhances your staycation by ensuring that every water source in your home is clean and pleasant to taste. Whether you’re filling up a pool, cooking for a barbecue, or simply staying hydrated in the heat, mineral-free water is a key comfort factor. These systems make your home’s water as refreshing as that of a luxury resort.

Types of Water Softening Systems

There are two main types of water filtration systems to consider: point-of-use systems and whole-home systems. Point-of-use systems are installed directly where you access water, such as under the kitchen sink or at a specific faucet, and they focus on combatting hard water in that particular location. Whole-home systems are connected to your water main, softening every drop of water that enters your home.

Installing a Water Softener

The feasibility of installing a water softener system yourself depends on the type you choose. Point-of-use systems are generally more manageable for DIY installation, as they involve straightforward attachments to existing faucets or water lines under sinks. Whole-home systems are more complex and typically require professional installation to modify your home’s main water supply. It’s recommended to hire professionals like Flow Pros Plumbing for this job.

3. Smart Home Water Monitoring Systems

Summer often brings increased water usage, whether it’s for filling pools, watering gardens, or more frequent showers and laundry. A smart home water monitoring system can be invaluable during this period by tracking your water consumption, detecting leaks, and even predicting usage patterns. This smart technology helps you keep an eye on water bills and prevent water waste during the high-demand summer months.

Benefits of Smart Water Monitors

The primary benefit of installing a smart home water monitoring system is the ability to detect leaks early. Even a small leak can waste a significant amount of water, and unnoticed leaks can lead to bigger, more expensive problems. Smart water monitors also provide detailed usage reports, helping you understand and manage your daily water consumption better. This is particularly useful during a staycation, as increased home activity can lead to unexpected spikes in water use.

Installation Insights

Installing a smart home water monitoring system varies in complexity based on the product and the extent of monitoring you need. Basic systems that attach directly to your main water line and monitor flow can often be installed by a homeowner with some DIY skills. These typically involve shutting off the water, installing the device, and connecting the device to your home’s Wi-Fi network. More advanced systems might require integration with your home’s plumbing system or smart home network, which could be better handled by a professional.

4. Outdoor Sink or Shower

Adding an outdoor sink or shower to your home can significantly enhance your enjoyment of outdoor spaces during the summer. These installations are perfect for those who spend a lot of time outdoors by the pool, gardening, or barbecuing.

Benefits of a Staycation

During a staycation, comfort, convenience, and hygiene become paramount. An outdoor sink or shower serves these needs beautifully by providing easy access to cleanliness without having to run inside. This can be especially beneficial if you have a pool or are entertaining guests, making outdoor activities more enjoyable and less messy. These features also add a luxurious touch to your home, making your backyard feel like a resort.

Installation Overview

The installation process for outdoor sinks or showers can vary depending on the complexity of the plumbing and the existing outdoor space. Generally, it involves extending your home’s water supply to the desired location and ensuring proper drainage and wastewater management. For homeowners experienced in DIY projects, installing an outdoor sink could be manageable, particularly if it’s near existing plumbing. However, outdoor showers or any installation involving significant alterations to home plumbing should likely be handled by professionals.

5. Advanced Toilet Upgrades

Upgrading your home’s toilets can significantly enhance the comfort and convenience of your staycation. Modern toilets come equipped with a range of features designed to provide luxury and ease of use. Bidets, heated seats, self-cleaning technology, and touchless flushing turn your home into a personal retreat.

Water-Saving and Cost-Effective

Many modern toilets are designed with water efficiency in mind. Low-flow toilets and dual-flush systems allow significant water savings, which can greatly reduce your water bills. These eco-friendly options typically use less than 1.6 gallons per flush, compared to older models that might use as much as 3.5 gallons. Basic models with improved efficiency might start around $150, while high-end models with features like bidet functionality and heated seats can range from $300 to $1,000 or more. Over time, the savings from reduced water usage can offset the initial cost of the upgrade.

Installation Process

For the average DIY enthusiast, installing a standard toilet is a manageable project that typically involves removing the old unit, setting the new one in place, and connecting it to existing plumbing. However, more advanced features like electrical connections for heated seats or touchless flush mechanisms might require professional installation. If you are not comfortable with plumbing or electrical tasks, we recommend working with one of our pros.

Make Your Staycation Memorable

Plumbing installations don’t have to be a major undertaking. Renovating with minor upgrades can make a big difference and make your home a place you’ll love to be all summer. From quick showerhead swaps to saving money with smart monitoring, your plumbing is your oyster! Make a plan, talk to an expert, and make your staycation one to remember.

Flow Pros Plumbing Keeps Summer Hassle-Free

Not sure about an installation? Want to make sure leaks aren’t costing you money this summer? Our team is here to help. Flow Pros Plumbing provides full service to help you save and stress less during months of high water usage.

Contact us anytime online or call us at 727-265-9639 to make your summer hassle-free!

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