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How COVID-19 has Impacted the Plumbing Contractor

Is Your Plumbing Contractor Following the Correct Protocol?

Almost every industry has made changes at one point or another in the wake of the global Pandemic. Not only has the way we socialize and do business changed, but the climate of the workplace has changed as well. And if you need a plumbing contractor, you may be wondering if they are practicing safe protocol.

Rest assured, the owners of companies worldwide have spent countless hours hunched over documents and computers drawing up plans for safe operation. And all these hours of planning and adjustment, for the most part, go as unpaid work hours. It is what the service industry has had to do to keep moving forward. Plumbing contractors and the businesses they run are no different. 

So, you want to know the impact the Pandemic has had on the plumbing industry and if your plumbing contractor is following the right protocol? Well, here is a bit of insight into the questions at hand.

Plumbing Contractors Adapt to COVID-19 Adjustments

The year 2020 was a whirlwind of panic, confusion, and change. Yet, when a toilet is stopped up, or hot water is not running in a home, no one hesitated to call the local plumber out. Plumbers are essential workers and were among the company types that had to make significant adjustments to their procedures.

Flow Pros Plumbing keeps up with all protocols as set forth by the CDC.

The CDC has asked that all companies commit to these three necessary checks:

  1. Ensure the plan your company puts in place is specific to your industry.
  2. Identify all areas and jobs that carry potential risks to exposure of COVID-19.
  3. Implement control measures to eliminate or reduce exposure to the virus.

Some plumbing companies have even adopted a work from home model. It looks a bit like this:

Dispatchers: Phone lines transferred to homes to home lines allowed dispatchers to take calls and schedule clients in a safe home environment.

Technicians: Most stayed home with a uniform on and the truck ready to go. Often, they simply hang out in the truck between calls, staying out of public establishments as much as possible.

Owners: Some Plumbing Contractors went into a minimally staffed office, and some stayed home with calls forwarded and trucks ready.

Plumbing Protocols Stress Safety Now More Than Ever

In the plumbing business, there are always safety concerns for the plumbers. Dealing with plumbing can be an infectious disease nightmare if they are not careful. And sewer systems and pipes can hold dangerous gasses for plumbers to encounter. So, plumbers have always had masks and gloves available for use on different service calls. That is really nothing new.

Being concerned about going into a home for the plumber’s health as well as the clients became a new worry for the technicians. Undoubtedly, companies stressed plumbing protocols more than ever in this unpredictable time.

Lack of PPE

In many areas, there became a severe lack of PPE supplies. People worldwide were purchasing masks and gloves in bulk, limiting the supply for professionals needing them to work. One plumber said,

“We need the gloves to do our jobs, not only due to Covid-19. If we do not have them, we are unable to complete certain tasks. That makes clients very unhappy and puts the plumbers at higher risk.”

The hoarding of PPE supplies like simple masks and gloves did not only affect doctors and police but the other service industries as well.

The Plumbing Contractor Steps Up to the Challenge

Many companies have posted the changes they have made behind the scenes of the plumbing companies and in the warehouses. Here are a few ways plumbing contractors have adjusted to the global Pandemic in their own ways.

  1. Beginning with inventory, workers sprayed warehouse shelves and supplies with disinfectants. In the very beginning, health officials did not know what would and would not transmit the virus.
  2. Then larger shared tools were put on a rotation and used as they received treatment.
  3. Plumbing technicians were given or provided their own sprays for all of the tools they used on each call to a home or business place. Many techs searched the sanitizers out on their own and paid for them too.
  4. Companies performed temperature checks at the start and sometimes at the end of the day. That provided a check-in for the technicians with the office and assurance for the plumbing company owner.
  5. Hand sanitizer became a constant throughout the day, before, after, and during a service call. When sanitizer was scarce, many companies set out to make their own for their staff.
  6. Gloves have always been necessary for plumbers, but now they must wear them all the time and change them often.
  7. Masks are required to be worn all day instead of only when there is a gas leak risk.
  8. Plumbers will wear covers on their shoes in all homes as well.
  9. A safe distance of 6 feet needs to be maintained by the plumber as well as the homeowners. No more looking over the shoulder of the plumbers when they are under the sink.
  10. Calls are made to customers ahead of the arrival to secure the service call and ensure the client is well and ready to maintain safety standards.

Occasionally a client will be uncomfortable with a technician coming into the home at all. In that case, many companies developed a way to assess plumbing issues on a Zoom or Facetime call. The contractor could then walk a homeowner through a repair or let the client know a technician would need to come out.

Client Cooperation Appreciated

Flow Pros has been fortunate to have very accommodating and understanding clients. It really helps when we all work together to keep safe. That said, there are things the homeowner can do to help plumbers and other technicians stay safe.

Many industries in service have implemented a No-Contact Service Experience. It looks a bit like this:

  • Clients are asked to take a symptom survey before the arrival of the plumbing company representative.
  • Plumbers will always maintain 6 feet of distance.
  • Please remove all people and pets from the area when the plumber arrives.
  • Techs can email quotes to avoid unnecessary paperwork from changing hands.
  • Clients can sign work orders via eSign or email.
  • Credit card numbers can be called in or taken verbally for payment.

Changes to the Entire Human Race and all Its Industries.

Obviously, plumbing is not the only industry hit by the changes the Pandemic has ushered in. In fact, there are so many companies no one even realizes were impacted. The point here is that we all have consequences and losses due to COVID-19. Until it is eradicated, there is no end to the care we as a human race need to take to preserve life and safety.

Understanding the efforts of various companies like plumbing will increase sympathy and patience for others in this trying time.

Flow Pros Plumbing Cares

As your plumbing contractor for the Tampa Bay and Pinellas area, Flow Pros Plumbing is dedicated to safety and care for its clients. Maintaining a safe relationship with all the people we serve is the utmost priority for the plumbing contractors and staff at Flow Pros, as with all essential companies.

Once all of the Pandemic scares settle down, we want to be the company that cared enough to be sure to maintain safe distancing and clean tools and hands.

At Flow Pros Plumbing, we desire to be the best plumbing contractor you have ever used. We have set up excellent standards of care to be sure you and your loved ones are safe. Additionally, we are unyielding on our service quality and respect despite the current conditions.

Our fast and friendly service response time will put you and your household at ease as we come out to address your plumbing concerns. We know that times are different, and so many people and businesses are suffering. However, It is our goal to ensure the safety of our plumbing team as well as you and your loved ones.

Flow Pros is Your Safe Plumbing Contractor

If you have a plumbing issue in the Pinellas or Tampa Bay area, we are here and working more than ever. With the increase in staying home, house calls have increased significantly as people work from home all day.

We have the safety protocol and the time for you.

Contact us today for an estimate or to schedule a house call. 

We will be sure to keep you and our technician safe at all times.

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