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Quarantine Guide to Clean Plumbing

Why not clean plumbing fixtures while you are stuck at home?

Everyone is doing extra cleaning and decluttering while the world has been in quarantine. But did you consider the need for clean plumbing? If it helps you save money and use your time wisely, would you try then?

If you would like to start but have no idea where to begin, you are in luck. The experts at Flow Pros has compiled this list of things you can do to help your plumbing be clean and ready for the holiday months ahead.

Clean Plumbing by Starting Top to Bottom

Look from the shower heads to the floor in your bathrooms and kitchen. There is plumbing everywhere. Our suggestion is, to begin with the top and make your way down. You can complete many of the following ideas while another area is soaking. Plan your time right, and you will have clean plumbing in no time.

Begin with Showerheads

If your showerhead or those little nozzles have not bee spraying in the right directions or at all, you need to clean them out. The mineral deposits accumulated did not get there overnight, but they can be gone relatively quickly if you know what to do.

First, massaging the little rubber nozzles will break up the deposits and release some of the buildup. Second, you can use a plastic bag and a rubber band to soak the showerhead overnight. Just fill the bag with vinegar or a product made to release the buildup and slip it over the head and tie it on with the band. You may even want to remove the showerhead and place it in a container with the solution if you can.

After rinsing, the showerhead will be working like new again.

Erase Moldy Shower Grout

While not exactly plumbing, if you need to do it, cleaning the mold from the walls and flooring of your shower is a good idea before advancing to the next area in the room.

Using a spray bottle and vinegar is a great start. Then get a toothbrush or course cleaning brush and scrub away. You may even want to finish it out by spraying a bit of bleach on the trouble spots after you have finished.

Faucets In the Middle

Faucets are probably in about the middle of the room. They can be treated and cleaned in the same manner as the showerhead. There is often a screen or a nozzle you can screw off and soak as well.

Kitchen Appliances Now

Now you will want to do a clean up of your appliances.

  • Clean your garbage disposal with a disposal tab.
  • Empty the dishwasher and run with a dishwasher cleaning solution.

Drains are Next

Now for the drains in the sinks and shower floor. Yuck, we know. When you have a drain that is clogged, it is very unpleasant. Here is what you can do to prevent that from happening.

  1. Gather your supplies: You will need baking soda, white vinegar, and hot water.
  2. Pour ½ cup of baking soda into the drain.
  3. Pour the same amount of vinegar in the drain.
  4. Now, cover or plug the drain and let it sit for 15 minutes.
  5. Pour a pitcher of boiling water down the drain to release the bubbled-up gunk.

Grease and grime can clog the drains, and this process will clean them. Try performing this cleaning about every three months. It will keep your drains free of clogs.

Go Under the Cabinets to the P-Traps

What is a P-trap, you ask? It is the elbow or U-shaped pipe located under your sink. This pipe prevents sewer gasses from flowing into your home. If it gets clogged, there are things you can do to clear it.

  1. First, place a bucket beneath the P-trap.
  2. Now get pliers to remove the part.
  3. Use a flexible piece of wire or brush to clear out the clog.
  4. Screw the part back on.

If this process does not clear the clog, you may want to call an expert like the professional plumbers at Flo Pros.

Use This Time to Clean Plumbing Fixtures, Pipes, and More

In one afternoon, you can have plumbing that is working like new. This way, small problems can be prevented.

With a bit of time and energy, you could save yourself a big headache in the future.

If DIY cleaning is not your thing, please feel free to call a plumber to perform preventative maintenance on your plumbing. Clean plumbing helps lead to a clean house.

Contact Flo Pros today for your free maintenance or service quote. You can trust the friendly experts at Flo Pros.

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