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What is a Hot Water Recirculation Pump?

Get Hot Water Quicker with a Hot Water Recirculation Pump System

Tired of waiting for hot water and hate wasting while you wait? Have you considered getting a hot water recirculation pump system added to your home?

You know what we mean, right? Have you noticed that the water in your faucets takes a little while to arrive? You notice the cold water starts and gradually warms. In the meantime, you are wasting a ton of water. No one wants that, right? The reality is the size of your home, and the length of your pipes determine the length of time between turning on the faucet and getting the hot water you need.

If you want that water to be hot right away with very little waste, then you have come to the right place. Stop the waste of vast amounts of water and call your local plumber to install a hot water recirculation pump in your home.

Defining “Hot Water Recirculation Pump”

Never wait for hot water again when you get a hot water recirculating pump. When hot water is provided immediately, wastewater is almost eliminated. This type of pump moves hot water to our fixtures with no wait.

Of course, your plumbing system delivers the water to your faucet, and there are feet and more feet of piping laid in your home and under the foundation. Once the cold water sitting in the pipes is pushed out, the warm water can start pushing through. When you turn the faucet off, the water sits in the lines and gets cold again. And the same thing happens again the next time you need water.

But with a recirculation system, the unused hot water is returned to the water heater. The water recirculation pump is attached to the water heater to have hot water quickly and never waste water again in that way.

What’s more, some systems have mechanical timers that can be switched on, off, or on a timer. That way, you achieve maximum savings of water and money.

 The Types of Recirculating Pumps Available

1 | The Traditional Hot Water Recirculation Pump

The entire home is on a loop system with a traditional recirculation pump. It reaches from the furthest bathroom to the water heater in a loop to connect hot water fixtures. At the water heater, the pump pulls the water throughout the home. This system works well if you have a dedicated return line.

2 | Instant Hot Water Recirculation Pump Systems

Instant hot pumps do not need a dedicated hot water return loop. So it is an excellent option for any home. And these units come in 2 varieties.

Under Sink Hot Water Recirculating Pump

With an under sink hot water recirculating pump, the unit is installed – you guessed it – under the sink. But that is the furthest from the water heater. But it pushes hot water through the line that handles the cold water, so there is greater flow and quicker availability. It is an excellent option but requires a power outlet under the sink.

Over the Water Heater Pump Systems

This pump creates a hot loop that runs constantly. The pump is located above the water heater. A check valve is placed under the sink furthest away from the water heater. You will need power near the water heater for this unit to get that constant flow of hot water all day. Fortunately, these pumps can be installed in any home and are virtually problem-free.

3 | On-Demand Hot Water Recirculation

Similar to the instant models, this system requires user activation as needed. And it can be installed under the sink or over the water heater. When activated, it makes a temporary loop for water to return to the water heater and the fixture again. When the water reaches the optimal temperature desired, the pump shuts off. You may think you have to wait with a push-button, but it is pretty fast and will ultimately save money and conserve energy and water.

Now that you know a little about the systems available, here are the benefits of having a hot water recirculation pump installed in your house.

The Benefits of a Hot Water Recirculation Pump

Water recirculation pumps reduce the amount of water washed down the drain every time you turn on the hot water faucet. No matter which you choose – traditional, instant, or on-demand – recirculation provides the following undeniable benefits.

  • Saving Time: This is an easy choice if one more time-saver is what you need in your day. No more standing at the faucet waiting for hot water. No more time is spent waiting for the shower to heat up.
  • Water Conservation: The U.S. Department of Energy reports that in the U.S., between 400 billion and 1.3 trillion gallons of water are wasted per year while waiting for that coveted hot water. That is astonishing and terribly irresponsible.
  • Energy Waste: Energy is used to heat the water for our washers, sinks, and showers. The less time the heater spends making the water hot, the less energy is used.
  • Saving Money, too: Yes, if you use less water and less energy, you will have a lower utility bill. The savings are difficult to calculate due to varying factors in plumbing, faucets, and water heaters. However, you will know you are doing all you can to conserve.

Additional Savings with a New Water Heater

Whether you have a storage-tank water heater, a hybrid water heater, a tankless water heater, or a gas water heater, your local plumber can solve your problem

and get it working again. Here is a short list of issues your hot water heater may be experiencing.

  • Hard water sediment builds up at the bottom of the tank and on the elements causing inefficient water heating.
  • Old temperature mechanisms can give false readings due to age.
  • The lining of the tank can rust and corrode.
  • The element can become corroded and quit working.

The water heater in your home uses up to 15% of your home’s energy. New technology comes along all the time, improving our homes’ efficiency, and it is the same way with your water heater. New heaters are more efficient, saving your home energy and money. And then, when you add on a water recirculation pump, you are adding to the savings and water conservation exponentially.

So, if your water heater is older than ten years and needs replacing, call on the top-rated plumbers at Flow Pros Plumbing for a complete replacement. Then we can discuss adding on a water recirculation pump as well.

Flow Pros Plumbing Installs Hot Water Recirculation Pump Systems

Flow Pros Plumbing in Tampa Bay offers full-service plumbing 24 hours a day and seven days a week. We service both residential and commercial plumbing with professionalism and a friendly smile. Helping our customers with their plumbing issues as quickly as possible is our primary goal.

We know you cannot go without that toilet for a few days. 

We realize the clogged disposal is stinking up the kitchen. 

And, we know you are not going to shower without hot water. We wouldn’t either. 

That is why you can trust the plumbers at Flow Pros Plumbing. Our team members treat you like family.

Contact our staff to schedule your appointment for service and let them know what is going on. When the plumber arrives, you will get a diagnosis and a quote. Our plumbers can even help you decide which recirculation system would give you the biggest bang for your buck.

When you have agreed to the service, you can sit back and relax. We’ve got the rest.

What’s more, homeowners are pleasantly surprised by the following:

  • Reasonable pricing
  • Comfortable and friendly appointment scheduling
  • On-time plumbers
  • Plumbers who arrive prepared to do the job
  • And our knowledgeable and courteous technicians

With 24/7 service, you can’t go wrong calling on the plumbing services of Flow Pros Plumbing. Contact us today for a free no-obligation quote for service. And don’t forget to sign up for our routine Service Plan today!

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