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What is a Plumbing Apprenticeship? 

Could Plumbing Apprenticeship be for You?

Getting into the plumbing industry is the perfect career for ambitious problem solvers and those who are skilled with their hands. And it all starts with a plumbing apprenticeship.

All skilled plumbers start their journey with an in-depth training period that teaches them the basics of finding the solutions to plumbing problems of all kinds- from a toilet that won’t flush to how to read plumbing blueprints and so much more.

Flow Pros knows it best. A career as a plumber is a valued one and not only by the worker who enjoys the job benefits, stability, and loads of opportunity for advancement. People need plumbers. Wherever there are water pipes and people, a plumber is necessary.

So, what are you waiting for? Begin your plumbing apprenticeship today and be on your way to an incredible career.

Plumbing Apprentice to Journeyman to Master Plumber

If you are unfamiliar with the detailed process of becoming a plumber, you probably didn’t know that there are a couple of levels to complete before you obtain the status of a “master plumber.” And it’s so much more than a status. In fact, not until you have had years of experience in the plumbing industry will you finally get the chance to lead cutting-edge construction projects or own your own business. 

The specific requirements and overall timeline of a plumbing apprenticeship will depend on what state you are in. Generally, the process is as follows:

Apprentice: As you may assume, all credible plumbers complete an apprenticeship as their first step towards their career. During this time, the individual will work side-by-side with an experienced journeyman or master plumber. On-the-job training, though, is just one element of a plumbing apprenticeship. One will also complete educational programs in the classroom or online. 

Journeyman: When the apprenticeship is completed, the plumber graduates to journeyman status. In this phase, the individual may still work closely with a master plumber. However, journeymen occasionally get the opportunity to train or supervise an apprentice. 

Master Plumber: After about two years (depending on your location) of gaining experience and valuable knowledge as a journeyman, a plumber can be tested and qualified as a master plumber. At the top of their careers, a master plumber is able to work independently. 

A master plumber can also supervise and train journeymen or apprentices and even run their own plumbing company. They have the status to design plumbing systems and bring together other tradespeople for major projects. 

More About Plumbing Apprenticeships

Under supervision, the plumbing apprentice will perform many of the same tasks completed by journeymen and master plumbers. During the on-job training, the apprentice will learn basic skills for servicing both residential homes and commercial buildings or projects.

They discover how to communicate with clients and find solutions to their plumbing problems. In addition to real-world experiences, formal curriculum and courses may be completed in a classroom or sometimes online. 

Plumbing apprenticeships are unique from other job training because the individual can earn a decent living while learning their trade. Many plumbers will be making full wages by the end of this phase.

Overall, the apprenticeship will last about two to five years, mainly depending on your state when you go through your training. But don’t be discouraged by this relatively long process. As mentioned above, a plumbing apprentice has the advantage of earning good money while building a much-needed base of knowledge and experience. 

Starting a Plumbing Apprenticeship

First, you’ll typically need a high school diploma or GED to apply for a plumbing apprenticeship. Next, ensure your resume is current and competitive, whether your past job experience relates to the plumbing trade or not.

Finally, you should consider reaching out to your local plumbers’ union or a plumbing service that offers apprenticeships. It’s an excellent way to get familiar with what requirements and background may be necessary to begin your plumbing career.

Of course, spending some time researching online may give you the answers to these questions. However, nothing beats getting in touch with seasoned professionals to know exactly what you are getting into. Plus, they’ll have top-notch advice to help you start a successful career in the plumbing industry.

Apprentice Plumber Best Practices

If you want to truly excel in your plumbing apprenticeship, you’ll want to know the best practices for this training phase. After all, it is the base on which you’ll build your long and rewarding career as a skilled plumber. So, be sure to take your apprenticeship seriously and use the time to soak up all the information you can.

Use the following few tips to be the best apprentice plumber you can be:

  • Have open communication with your trainer.
  • Be a team player.
  • Take safety precautions seriously.
  • Be observant.
  • Always ask questions when you are unsure of how to complete a task.

Why Start a Career in Plumbing?

Ask any plumber- it’s good living. From promotion opportunities to job variety, it’s a career that will keep anyone happy for a lifetime.

Below, we’ve provided five simple reasons for becoming a plumber, not including the respectful and skilled craft itself. If you aren’t convinced after reading through these incredible benefits, the job may not be for you. However, if it makes you wonder what your life would look like as a plumber, do not hesitate. Start your journey today.

1 | Advancement Opportunities

With ambition and determination, the first few years of your plumbing career will be filled with opportunities to advance in the industry. First, graduate from your plumbing apprenticeship to a journeyman. Then put in some hard work and become a master plumber. 

Master plumbers have more chances to expand in the field and work on complex and exciting projects than the higher levels of other trade jobs. Plus, they earn an exceptional salary.

2 | Avoid the Overwhelm of a Massive Student Loan Dept

Plumbing is an excellent career for people looking to avoid the troubles of paying off student loans from a college education. But what’s even better, plumbers make the same amount of money some college degrees will get you. 

Instead, get paid to learn the trade with your plumbing apprenticeship. It’s a rare opportunity, and a program people will later thank themselves for going through. 

3 | Stability in Work

As mentioned above, plumbers are a necessity for modern life worldwide. No matter what, a good plumber will have a job. So, you can look forward to a level of security when you choose a career in the plumbing industry. 

4 | Variety

Sure, some of the first things you will learn in your plumbing apprenticeship may be how to fix a toilet or service the typical house call. However, you will quickly realize that plumbing is much more than that. With this career, you have the chance to work on designing innovative systems for brand-new buildings, manage and repair city water systems, or even help to invent cutting-edge technologies

5 | Independence

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, become the owner of your very own plumbing business. It’s the perfect opportunity for anyone looking to add a little flexibility to their life, as long as they aren’t afraid of the added responsibility.

Work for a Dedicated Company- Flows Pros Plumbing

Looking for a team of determined, knowledgeable, and ambitious workers? Look no further than Flow Pros Plumbing!

Although we don’t currently offer a plumbing apprenticeship, we would be thrilled to have you join our staff as soon as you complete your training. Plus, time always changes things. So, never hesitate to get in touch with Flow Pros when inquiring about an apprenticeship opportunity. 

We are always happy to point you in the right direction. It’s the least we can do for a fellow future plumber!

Call us today with any further questions on how to get started with your plumbing career.

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