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Put a Stop to the Wasting of Water

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Together We Can Put a Stop to the Wasting of Water in Pinellas County

Flow Pros Plumbing Cares About the Wasting of Water and Your Water Bill

Did you know that the Earth is covered with water, but only 2.5% of that water is freshwater? What’s more disturbing is that only 1.2% is not frozen. That is what the USGS is reporting, along with many other scientists. Those numbers seem frightening, and yet it is what we are used to every day. The water we utilize to sustain life is in lakes, rivers, and just underground. So, it stands to reason some of us want to put a stop to the wasting of water, and quick!

You see, water is in almost everything. It is in the ground, air, clouds, rivers, oceans, ice, plants, and living organisms. The majority of it is in the saline ocean waters and locked away in the ground ice and permafrost, though.

Flow Pros Plumbing wants to help you conserve water for two reasons. One reason is that the planet and the human race need water. And the second reason is that it will save you money on your water bill. Simple, right? It really is. If you want to be environmentally conscientious and save money on your water bill, then you have landed on the right page. Keep reading to learn the ways Flow Pros Plumbing sees homeowners wasting water each day and how you can avoid the wasting of water.

Habits to Break to Put an End to the Wasting of Water

There are several things you may be doing and other issues that may be out of your immediate control when it comes to water consumption. Flow Pros Plumbing has put together a list of ideas to help you be more environmentally conscious and save money on your water bill. Here is how.

Overwatering the Lawn:

One of the top ways homeowners don’t even realize they are wasting water is by overwatering their lawns. Suppose you are unsure how much and how often you are supposed to water. In that case, a professional lawn company can help you decide your lawn needs. Taking it another step, learn when and how you can water your lawn, consult the Water Department in your area.

In the summertime, the morning hours are best for watering. The air is slightly cooler, and the water will not evaporate as rapidly. Not to mention, overwatering your grass can actually harm your grass and yard. Standing water encourages mosquitos and other insects, snakes, and vermin. And too much water will cause brown spots and root rot on your grass.

Leaky Pipes:

It is crucial for your entire plumbing system to get pipes checked regularly. Look for leaks around the toilet, faucets, hose bibbs, sink pipes, sprinklers, and other plumbing fixtures. It is essential to repair or replace those leading water lines as soon as you see the leak. What looks like a tiny drip can really be a much larger issue when a plumber goes to inspect. Trust us, you do not want a pipe to burst into your walls. Additionally, you can keep an eye on your water bill monthly. If you see a sudden spike, with no reason you remember for that spike, call a plumber.

Those Long Hot Showers and Soothing Baths:

Now before you get all hot and bothered here (pun intended), we’re not suggesting you never take a bath again. But when the average shower takes over 17 gallons of water, that is a lot of water. Then if you take an extra-long shower every day of the week that ends with a “y,” you are using a ton more. All we suggest here is to make a really long shower or a luxurious bath soak a treat rather than the norm. Your water bill with thank you for it.

Laundry Loads:

Did you ever hear your mother yell, “I am waiting for a full load of laundry, then I will do it,”? Well, she wasn’t being lazy. She was conserving water. Washing full loads are more time and cost-efficient. Try your best to only run full loads when you can.


Instead of washing one dish at a time with running water, try filling your sink with hot water and soap. Then you can clean each plate and rinse them all together, saving a lot of water.

And, for the dishwasher, the same is true as for the laundry. Try your best to run the dishwasher only with a full load. Additionally, you can run a “light load” if you have less than a full load.

Brushing Your Teeth:

Well, you knew this was coming. Even children’s’ TV shows ask the kids not to run the water while they brush their teeth. And yet, we all seem to catch ourselves doing it from time to time. Consider writing yourself a not until the habit is broken.

Conventional Plumbing Fixtures:

In your home shower, you may still have a conventional shower head. Ask your plumber to check the next time he is there. If so, you should consider upgrading to a low-flow showerhead. They will still do the job and use a lot less water.

In the bathroom, the toilet may still be conventional, too. Bring that throne up to date with a newer low-flush or high-efficiency toilet.

Is the Toilet a Trash Can?

We think not. Please remember, only human waste and toilet paper should be flushed in the toilet. You do not need to flush your makeup wipes or cotton balls in the toilet. Use a trash can for trash and the toilet for its true intention.

Furthermore, you can save a lot of money when the local plumber does not need to come out to fix the clog the cotton balls and makeup wipes caused. So that’s a win, win.

Other Ways Your Plumbing May Be Wasting Water

Okay, okay. Maybe it is not all your fault. Perhaps, just perhaps, the plumbing is the issue. If you have old fixtures that are leaking or are not up to date, you could be wasting water. Also, if you have old or inefficient appliances, they can waste your water, too. Suppose your toilet has a faulty flapper valve and the toilet is continuously running. That is another way your plumbing is wasting your precious water supply.

Now, these are the issues Flow Pros Plumbing of Pinellas County and the Tampa Bay area can help. We will inspect your pipes, fixtures, and all the plumbing system with a regular maintenance plan each time we come out. This way, if there is a small leak, we catch it. Our plumber will often open the fixture only to realize the issue is in the valve or behind the wall. That may seem like a bad deal, but in reality, it is excellent that the plumber caught it before it became a burst pipe in the walls or flooring.

In that case, you will be thanking your plumber for the plumbing bill that will not be arriving in the mail. Because when flooring and drywall need to be replaced, it can get quite costly.

Join the Experts at Flow Pros to Put an End to the Wasting of Water

Now you know that conserving freshwater is essential to life and the planet. And with human error and faulty plumbing, we use a lot of water that could have been saved. Even those small adjustments like fixing a dripping faucet, repairing a running toilet, and changing tiny habits in your daily routine can make a huge impact. Not only do the conservation efforts help the environment, but your wallet as well. That’s another win, win for you and your household.

So, if we have convinced you to help us save water, we have done one of our jobs at Flow Pros Plumbing. We want to inform our clients of ways to make the world a better place and save money along with their plumbing systems.

In conclusion, Flo Pros has two more suggestions:

1. If you have leaky pipes, give us a call for a full pipe inspection.

2. Sign up for a maintenance plan with Flow Pros Plumbing today.

We guarantee you won’t regret it, and your wallet will thank you, too. Contact Flow Pros today.


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