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When Do You Need Emergency Water Heater Repair?

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Signs It’s Time to Get Water Heater Repair

Hot water is essential to our daily lives, serving various purposes like cooking, bathing, and washing. However, when water heaters malfunction, it can be uncomfortable, especially during colder seasons. To prevent inconvenience and costly repairs, it’s crucial to be aware of the signs indicating your water heater may fail. In this article, we’ll discuss these signs that you need emergency water heater repair.

Following are the signs that it’s time for you to get water heater repair and maintenance:

Age of the Water Heater:

Water heaters have a limited lifespan. Tank-type water heaters typically last 7-10 years, while tankless water heaters can endure up to 20 years. If your water heater is more than seven years old, it’s advisable to contact an emergency plumber for an inspection. They can help determine whether repairs are feasible or best to replace the unit. Regular maintenance, including draining the tank to eliminate sediment buildup, can extend the life of your water heater, enhance its efficiency, and minimize the risk of catastrophic leaks.

You Run Out of Water:

If you consistently experience a lack of hot water, your water heater may fail. Mineral buildup in the tank can reduce the available hot water and potentially lead to clogged or corroded valves. Contacting an emergency plumber is crucial to avoid more extensive damage or expensive repairs. Proper care and professional water heater maintenance can help prevent such issues.

Water Leaks:

Water leaks near the water heater can cause significant damage to your basement, leading to mold growth and costly repairs. If you notice water pooling around the unit, it’s a clear sign of a failing water heater. While leaks can sometimes originate from the pipes, a replacement becomes necessary if the tank itself is damaged. Regular maintenance and prompt repairs can prevent such leaks and avoid higher expenses in the long run.

Fluctuating Water Temperature:

Inconsistent hot water temperatures can indicate a problem with the thermostat or the water heater. Draining the tank to eliminate mineral buildup can help determine if this is the cause.

However, if your water heater is over 10 years old, it’s advisable to consider a replacement.
Calling an emergency plumber for professional installation ensures a seamless transition and
optimal performance.

Strange Noises:

Unusual noises emanating from the water heater, such as banging or popping, may indicate broken heating elements. Contacting a plumber for an inspection is essential to diagnose the issue and provide cost-effective solutions accurately. With its team of experts, Flow Pros Plumbing offers reliable diagnosis and efficient plumbing solutions.

Low Water Pressure:

A decrease in water pressure may be attributed to sediment buildup within the tank. Draining the water heater can often resolve this issue. However, if the problem persists, it’s advisable to seek assistance from an emergency plumber. Low water pressure may also indicate a hidden leak in your plumbing system, requiring professional leak detection services.

Strange Smells:

Normally, water from your tap or shower should be odorless. If you notice a foul smell resembling rotten eggs or rust, it’s recommended to have a professional plumber inspect your water heater. Before contacting a plumber, you can address the issue by draining the water heater. If the problem persists, seeking professional assistance is best to ensure a safe and functional water heater.

Choosing the Right Water Heater for Your Home:

When considering a water heater replacement, several factors should be taken into account:


Choosing the right-sized water heater to meet your household’s hot water needs while maximizing energy efficiency is essential. Consulting with an emergency plumber can help determine the appropriate size based on factors such as the number of occupants in your home and peak hot water usage.

Fuel Type, Cost, and Availability:

The fuel type you choose for your water heater can affect its efficiency and operating costs. Different options include electricity, fuel oil, natural gas, geothermal, and solar energy. Discussing the pros and cons of each fuel type with an emergency plumber will help you make an informed  decision based on availability and cost-effectiveness in your area.

Energy Efficiency:

To save on energy costs, consider investing in an energy-efficient water heater. High-efficiency models, such as tankless and heat pump water heaters, can provide significant energy savings over time. An emergency plumber can provide insights into the most efficient options for your needs.


While price is a factor, it should not be the sole determining factor when selecting a water heater. Consider the long-term savings and benefits of  energy-efficient models. For example, although tankless water heaters may have a higher upfront cost, their energy efficiency can lead to substantial savings on utility bills.

Choosing the best water heater for your home depends on various factors unique to your situation. Consulting with an emergency plumber from Flow Pros Plumbing in Florida can help you make an informed decision based on their expertise and knowledge of the local area.


Regarding water heater repairs or replacements, being aware of the signs of a failing unit is crucial to avoid inconvenience and costly repairs. Flow Pros Plumbing, a trusted and licensed emergency plumber in Hillsborough and Pinellas County, Florida, can provide professional water heater services and solutions. Whether you need emergency water heater repair or assistance in selecting and installing a new water heater, our team of experts is ready to help.

Pay attention to signs such as age, insufficient hot water, leaks, fluctuating temperature, strange noises, low water pressure, and strange smells to ensure you have hot water when needed.

Contacting an emergency plumber for inspection and repair can prevent further damage and potential hazards.

Contact Flow Pros Plumbing today to take advantage of their services and ensure your water heater is in optimal condition. Visit their website at Flowprosllc to learn more about our services and schedule an appointment. Don’t wait until your water heater fails—take proactive steps to ensure an uninterrupted hot water supply and the comfort of your home.

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