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Why is My Sink Dripping?

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Drip, Drip, Drip. It’s a constant and irritating reminder of your sink dripping. Or, more accurately, it’s a reminder that your hard-earned money is slipping away with each drop.

But why? You’ve checked the sink knobs over and over. They are firmly in the off position, so what’s the big deal?

You may not be familiar with the many possible reasons your faucet leaks. And the sooner you address the issue, the better, no matter the cause.

In this blog, Flow Pros Plumbing walks you through all the common issues with leaky faucets.

Continue reading to discover why you have a drippy sink and what impact it can have on your home’s plumbing and utility bills.

And, of course, we will let you know when you should call the professionals at your local plumbing company.

Common Problems with Drippy Sinks

Sinks are a bit complicated because they come in all shapes and sizes. Keep in mind that the internal components of your sink will differ from that of others.

In general, your sink dripping can be the aftermath of the following various issues:

Some problems are more common than others. And some are much more challenging to fix. But getting familiar with the three issues that are most likely causing the leak is the perfect place to start.

1 | Adjustment Needed

In many drippy tap scenarios, the culprit is simply a loose part. Sometimes, the components of your sink were not correctly installed in the first place. It’s even possible that an essential part of your sink was knocked out of position by impact or gradually over time.

For your sink dripping, more than likely, the faucet itself needs adjustments. When the faucet is misassigned or loose, leaks are almost always the first telltale sign.

2 | Cartridge Needs Replacement

If your faucet is in place and secure, you can assume that your sink issue is a little more complicated.

But don’t lose hope! Some situations are easier to handle than others, like replacing a cartridge.

Cartridges are found either in your faucet or the hot and cold knobs, depending on the sink you have. Either way, the role of a cartridge is to control the water flow.

3 | Damaged or Worn parts

After years of use, the numerous small and fragile components in your sink can take on wear and tear. And as mentioned before, the internal parts of a sink will vary depending on the kind of sink you have. So, don’t worry if you notice your sink is “missing” any parts we mention in this article. 

Issues with O-rings

The O-ring is one of many small components in your sink. It is a small, flexible, O-shaped disc that holds the sink faucet securely in place. The O-ring can become worn or damaged, which can be identified by your sink dripping.

Other Worn-out Rubber Components

The washer is a small back part in your sink. Each time you use your sink, the washer presses down on the valve seat. And over time, the washer can become worn or damaged.

Additionally, the washer may not have been correctly installed in the first place. A loose-fitting washer or wrong size can also lead to your sink dripping.

Other sinks have “boots and springs” rather than your typical washer. However, they remain similar in function.

Damage to Supply lines

When inspecting underneath your sink, you may find evidence of a leak in the supply lines of your sink. Supply lines look like thick metal tubes and transport water to your faucet. At times, these lines can become damaged. And more specifically, the rubber pieces that seal the supply lines, or gaskets, can become worn.

Why is it a Major Issue to Ignore Your Sink Dripping?

A leaky tap isn’t only annoying. Over 1 trillion gallons of water are wasted annually in America. And in our modern world, this level of water waste is a severe threat to the future of human lives.

But water isn’t the only thing that may be going down the drain. Your money is, too. Perhaps, more than you could imagine.

Take a look for yourself. The following statistics are some of the most alarming facts about water waste due to leaky sinks:

Not to mention, the long-term effects of your sink leaking can cause rust, mold, and other damages to your home and plumbing system. And although sinks are built for water to run through, they are not designed to handle a continuous leak.

Unfortunately, if you ignore your sink dripping, you’ll only welcome more problems with your plumbing. Your sink and its individual components can have shorter life spans, at the very least.

What to Do if Your Sink is Dripping and Won’t Stop

Now that you know of the possible issues that could be causing your sink to drip continuously, you may be wondering, “How can the problem be solved?”

If so, begin with determining if you have the tools and ability to fix it yourself.

Can You Fix it Yourself?

Sink issues of any kind are a case-by-case matter. Every sink is a little different, and the interior components can vary.

So, the short answer to this question is maybe.

It all depends on the issue at hand, your experience with plumbing, and whether you have the proper tools. However, keep in mind that attempting to fix any plumbing issue on your own can result in the problem becoming much worse. So, carefully consider if taking matters into your own hands is the best decision for you before diving into the project.

If you have decided that you are equipped for the job, take the correct precautions, and keep these tips in mind:

When Should You Call a Plumbing Company?

Most importantly, if you are having trouble of any kind while disassembling and inspecting your sink, or replacing any parts, stop immediately and call the experts at your local plumbing company. The last thing you want is to create further problems with your plumbing by damaging parts or incorrectly replacing them.

Only take on your leaky sink project if you have complete confidence in your ability to do so.

Preventing Your Sink from Dripping

Installing a water softener is a great way to prevent your faucet from leaking and prolong the lifespan of the many intricate components of your sink. Specifically, the rubber parts benefit from softened water. 

To best explain why this is, think of a water softener like the conditioner you lather into your hair when you take a shower. Conditioner makes your hair silky smooth and avoids breakage, making your hair strong yet soft. The water softener produces water that acts similarly for the rubber components of your sink, conditioning them and preventing wear and tear.

Additionally, routine maintenance can help keep the major plumbing issues at bay. And the same goes for avoiding your sink dripping. Routine maintenance is like your plumbing visiting the doctor each year for a check-up. So, consider scheduling regular plumbing “check-ups” with a trusted plumbing company.

Call Flow Pros Plumbing to Fix Your Drippy Sink Today

We’ve got you covered at Flow Pros Plumbing, no matter what the problem may be.

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