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Things You Should Know About Your Plumber

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Learn More About Your Plumber at Flow Pros

Close your eyes and imagine a plumber.

What image comes to mind?

Your imagination likely conjured up a picture based on both experience and stereotypes. Unfortunately, plumbers have taken on many unfair judgments based on humorous movies, TV shows, and other pop culture influences.

In reality, plumbers come in all shapes and sizes and from various backgrounds and lifestyles. 

But there are certainly a few characteristics that ring true for all plumbers. And although they must deal with silly stereotypes all too often, they are passionate about their profession and deserve respect and the correct perspective from their clients.

Flow Pros Plumbing presents to you the five characteristics that every client should be familiar with when working with their plumber technician

Read on to discover all the things you should know about your plumber.

1 | Your Plumber is Skilled and Educated

It is a common myth that plumbers are uneducated workers who had little other choice but to enter the craft industry. 

This is not at all the case.

In fact, many professionals in similar fields carry the same judgments. Most plumbing companies require a minimum of a high school degree or equivalent as well as technical training and certifications. Not to mention the hours- no, years– of learning on the job.

Certifications and Tech Training

Requirements differ from state to state as well as by company. Most states require professional plumbers to pass an exam to be licensed to practice. Thus, the average plumber would have undergone some schooling, postsecondary technical school, or certificate programs.

Years of Experience

Some plumbers must complete a formal apprenticeship before heading out for jobs on their own. Others work alongside seasoned employees until they have the skills and knowledge to take on any plumbing task independently. 

Plumbers gain the bulk of their knowledge from their years of experience. Nothing teaches better than solving an endless amount of unique challenges. 

2 | Your Plumber is More Than Willing to Answer Your Questions

Never be afraid to ask your plumber any question of any kind. They know that especially the most urgent plumbing problems can cause you stress and worry. So, eliminate the question marks by simply communicating with your knowledgeable plumber.

No question is a bad one.

Plumbing is complicated and hard to understand if you are not the expert. To ease your worries, feel free to ask your plumber why they need to replace a particular part or how they will do it.

3 | Your Plumber Works Hard

It doesn’t take much effort to realize that a plumber’s job isn’t glamorous. And they certainly aren’t just unclogging toilets all day long. They do it all from routine preventative maintenance rounds to urgent and time-sensitive cases. 

Hours on the Road

I bet you didn’t know that the average plumber will drive hundreds of miles each day on the job. The order of homes they need to service doesn’t always fall in a reasonable order, so they’ll spend much of their time driving from job to job.

Many Jobs in One Day

Plumbing is constantly in high demand and often time-sensitive. Unless it’s an all-day project, your plumber has likely serviced many homes and businesses before even arriving at yours. Plus, the plumber has more to tend to after. A typical day for a plumber can include two to eight jobs depending on the specific issues at hand.

4 | Your Plumber is Human, too.

Like any other person, plumbers have families to care for and life responsibilities to keep up with. Regardless of the situation, they always have your best interest at heart.

Plumbers love their job- ask yours!

Why else would they spend their days in stinky bathrooms? 

What really motivates a plumber is that they have solved a major issue for another individual or family. They truly understand how overwhelming a plumbing problem can become. Most of all, they want to tackle the case for you.

No plumber wants to be “the bad guy” and hand over a hefty bill after all the chaos you’ve been through. But it is a necessary part of the job.

Here are some ways to save yourself the stress and avoid the shock of a hefty plumbing bill:

5 | Showing Your Appreciation for Plumbers Goes a Long Way

When a plumber goes above and beyond, as they often do, there are several ways to show your appreciation for their exceptional service. Making it known that your plumber put in the extra mile can go a long way- from boosting company morale, to a pay raise, or even a promotion.

Leave a Positive Review

You likely read some reviews before deciding which local plumbing company to use for your emergency. So, it is evident that this method can greatly benefit a company or individual plumber.

Many plumbing company websites have sections where you can leave a review. However, Google is always a great place to shout out an employee, as well. In today’s age, leaving a review on the company’s Facebook page or other social media platforms can go even further. 

Give the Company a Call

If you really want to make a plumber’s day, call the company, and let the boss know about their outstanding service. After a tiring day of work, your plumber gets news from their boss that they truly made a lasting impression on the client. It’s sure to make a plumber proud.

Spread the Word

People trust the opinion of their friends, families, and neighbors more than that of strangers. Next time your loved one struggles with a plumbing issue, tell them of your plumber’s exceptional work. And once they’ve received the same patience, care, and quality service, they’ll pass on the word, too. 

Use the Same Plumbing Company Next Time You are in Need

Make the plumbing company your new home for all your plumbing needs. Becoming a repeat customer is beneficial in several ways. Familiar faces make your experience less overwhelming and much more enjoyable. You’ll always know what to expect as far as service goes. And most importantly, you know your plumbing issue will be solved quickly and effectively.

You’re in the Right Hands With Any Flow Pros Plumber

Flow Pros has always believed in giving the customer top-rated service at a fair price. You can count on the Flows Pros plumbers for all your plumbing needs. We only hire the best-trained, certified technicians. 

You need a plumbing company with the experience and skill to get the job right the first time. Homeowners around the St. Petersburg and Tampa area know to trust Flow Pros as their go-to plumbing company. 

Need more reasons to contact Flow Pros Plumbing? Give us a call today at 727-205-6473 or contact us here and see for yourself why we are the best team to tackle all your plumbing.


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